Our Vineyard


Our Vineyard and Philosophy

De Zoete Inval Estate is located at the base of the Paarl valley on the banks of the Berg River in Southern Paarl, and in the valley frost pocket, ensuring cold winters. Coupled with the cold winters we have hot dry summers, which are perfect for the ripening of grapes. De Zoete Inval is a windy place, and as the south wind whips through it keeps the mildew at bay and helps to reduce the disease pressure in our vineyards.

The growth of our vineyards and resultant yields are kept in check by our sandy marginal soils which constantly deliver ripe, well-balanced fruit. The marginal soils tend to produce lower alcohol wines with more finesse and exhibit less fruit and greater terroir expression. All these factors culminate in unique, singular character wines which have the ability to age well.


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